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ECG’s TEAM philosophy strives to create an inclusive work culture and business model that leverages the capabilities of our vendors, trade contractors, and the community at large to deliver more excellent value to the communities in which we work.

We encourage Minority Business Enterprise (MBE), Veteran-owned (V), and Woman-owned Business Enterprise (WBE) participation in all our projects. By establishing individual TEAM goals, ECG's local business involvement is maximized without sacrificing quality, time, or cost. We work closely with each owner to understand their capacity and needs resulting in the establishment of achievable goals.

 ECG  is proud of its long-standing commitment to developing and growing a diverse supplier base by including trade contractors, suppliers, and professional services. We believe establishing goals on a project-by-project and firm-by-firm basis is the best practice to include inclusion in our procurement process.”

Michael A. Hopkins, Managing Partner


ECG’s TEAM initiative stimulates innovation, creativity, problem-solving, productivity, and effectiveness. Working with our strategic partners, we establish programs designed to reinforce the culture of TEAM:

TEAM Council

This internal group sets the overall direction and strategic priorities for inclusion and diversity efforts at ECG, including workforce diversity, inclusive work culture, economic inclusion and supplier diversity, racial equity, and community outreach.

ECG uses a focused week to shine a spotlight on inclusion and diversity. This week is designed to celebrate everyday inclusion in all its forms, sharing, promoting, and inspiring our inclusion practices and culture.

At ECG, we don’t just report to offices and job site trailers; these are where we live and work. ECG considers it our duty to be among the community leaders focused on the greater good.                                

Emerge is proud to partner with non-profit organizations that are dedicated to empowering the communities we work in, including:                           

Office of Community Wealth Building
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Office of Minority
Business Development
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TEAM Manager

As TEAM Manager, Keisha leads and manages employee and community-focused programs. To date, her initiatives have advanced ECG’s goal to positively impact the communities where we work. ECG’s commitment to Workforce Development is a core value; it is the guiding principle in which we establish our programs to improve the lives of the citizens of our communities.


As part of  ECG's commitment to inclusionary business practices, we collaborate with our partners to develop minority-owned suppliers, trade contractors, and professional service providers. This program allows business owners to build and broaden their industry skills and knowledge while gaining insight into working with ECG in our partnerships; we orchestrate training sessions for those seeking to enter the construction industry.  The training program offered by our partner is designed to provide participants with an opportunity to develop and broaden their industry skills and knowledge.

Our partnerships enable us to facilitate ongoing training sessions that enhance subcontractor competitiveness through increased knowledge and understanding of principles essential to owning and growing a successful business.

Program Benefits for Participants

  • Develop relationships with ECG personnel in critical departments, such as purchasing and estimating.

  • Receive step-by-step guidance on ECG’s pre-qualification process.

  • Receive automatic bid de-scoping for unsuccessful bids.

Program Benefits for ECG

  • Grow and strengthen the pool of prequalified certified trade contractors.  

  • Drives competition and provides more value to our clients.

  • Economic inclusion within our geographic markets

TEAM Manager
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