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RICHMOND, Va. -- At a meeting on Wednesday night, some community members had the chance to ask questions about the plans for the $2.4 billion Diamond District project.

The city is planning for the area to include a new baseball stadium, two hotels, an 11-acre park, businesses, restaurants and mixed-income housing. 

Richmond City Council member Anne-Frances Lambert teamed up with her colleague Katherine Jordan to hold an informative question and answer session for Richmonders following the city's announcement that the selected RVA Diamond Partners as the project's developer.

"We want to make sure the community understood why we chose this team," Lambert said.

Some of those who attended Wednesday's meeting asked how housing will be affordable, and what this will mean for schools. Leaders said that zoning will be reviewed by the school board and that affordable housing will be incorporated at all phases of the project.

"We don't want to redo Scott's Addition because it might take away from that one but also look at how they are all connected," leaders said.

On Monday, city council will vote on how to move forward in the legal process for the agreement with the developers. After both parties agree to the terms, city council will make a final vote later this fall.

Officials said the project is slated to take about 15 years to complete and developers hope to start phase one, which is building a new baseball stadium, as soon as possible.

When asked how neighboring Scott's Addition will be impacted, project leaders said they want their own feel for each district.

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